​What is a MTAP Alert?

An alert is a question or announcement that your state DOT can send out to the entire MTAP list serv. If you have a question about grants management, vehicle specifications, planning practices, state management reviews, capital facilities, or any other topic, MTAP can put you in touch with other state DOTs to find out how they're handling the same question.

I want to send an Alert. What should I do?

Submit your request by email to rprice@aashto.org. Include the topic, contact information (so that we get the responses to the right person), response deadline, and a paragraph or two explaining your question. States are typically given 2 weeks to respond to Alerts, but we can do a quick turn-around if you need information faster.

I need information from a past Alert....

The MTAP office keeps an archive of alerts dating back to 2000. Here is a partial list of MTAP's archived alerts.  For more current alerts, please check out the "Members Only" section of the MTAP website. 

If you have a question about archived or past alerts, please contact Richard Price at (202) 624-5813 or rprice@aashto.org​

Past Alerts

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