Charles Zelle, Minnesota Department of Transportation

​Vice Chairman:
Ron Epstein

Lorna Wilson


SCOPT shall provide AASHTO with public transportation expertise and leadership for advancing public transportation as a part of an intermodal transportation system. It will develop legislative, policy, and program recommendations related to all forms of passenger public transportation services including rural, urban, regional and intercity bus, travel demand management and commuter rail. In addition SCOPT will provide general strategic direction to MTAP (Multi-State Technical Assistance Program) to support this standing committee’s responsibilities as an AASHTO technical assistance program.

Membership on SCOPT includes one representative of each member Department of Transportation (DOT) – the 50 States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of each member DOT assigns its representative to the committee. The President shall appoint the Chair and Vice Chair of the standing committee. 

AASHTO Staff Liaison

Shayne Gill