AASHTO Multi-State 
Tran​sit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP)


The Transit Connection for State DOTs

It sounds simple: find a way that states can obtain and use other states' public transit technical expertise. Connect with one another regarding past experience. Network and efficiently solve technical problems.

Simply stated, that connection is MTAP. 

Founded in 1987, the primary purpose of the technical assistance program is to help states implement Federal Transit Administration Programs, provide feedback to FTA on implementation issues and best practices and to create a professional network to share best practices, receive technical assistance, and obtain new ideas from other states.

The Benefits

MTAP connections bring real-life, practical solutions to transit problems – on topics as varied as state funding procedures, financial management, vehicle procurement, rural inter-city service development, and ADA compliance.  

MTAP Members network and receive help through:
  • Access to transit program experts
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges, via MTAP Alerts
  • Abstracts and current transit data
  • On-site technical exchanges
  • Visits from experts
  • MTAP’s Technical Assistance Directory
  • Publications and updates
  • Topical meetings and seminars
  • Newsletters
  • MTAP Alerts
  • Web site connections
  • Best practices information
  • Conference calls
  • Training classes

What's New?​​

Check out these MTAP Resources:

2017 Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation (with FY 2015 data)​​​

NCHRP 20-65/Task 56 [Completed]Best Practices in Rural Regional Mobility 

NCHRP 20-65/Task 63 [Completed]DOT Oversight of Facility Projects​

FTA's State Safety Oversight (SSO) Certification Fact Sheet (Updated: March 2017)

Virtual State DOT Update and Input Session -CCAM (February 1, 2017)

MTAP's Technical Assistance Directory

​Training Opportunities​:

FTA 101 Training Module

FTA Oversight Review of State Program Activities - MTAP Evaluation of Consultants

If your state was recently the recipient of a FTA Compliance review, please take 10 minutes and help MTAP by completing an evaluation of your review. You can view a pdf of the entire survey here. To receive a link to the electronic survey, please e-mail rprice@aashto.org​.   

Thank you!

Upcoming Events​

Save the Date
State Transit Program Managers/ State Public Transit Partnerships Conference
Washington, DC
August 16 - 18

AASHTO'S 2017 Annual Meeting​
Phoenix AZ
September 25-28

National RTAP 2017 Technical Assistance Conference
Omaha, NE
October 29 - November 1

Save the Date
2017 SCOPT/MTAP Winter Meeting
Nov. 14-16, Austin, TX




David Harris
Transit Bureau Chief/Manager, ​
Transit and Rail ​Division, 
New Mexico Department of Transportation



"MTAP meetings allow states to work more closely with partners including the Community Transportation Association of America and the American Public Transportation Association to share concerns, develop practical solutions, and implement programs of common interest."
-- Charles Carr, Mississippi Department of Transportation​​



Connect With Us!

The advantages of MTAP abound: Better transit programs through shared information, time savings, budget savings, and professional growth.  To learn more about MTA​P and our great transit connections, please contact Richard Price​.



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Program Specialist, MTAP
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Phone: 202-624-5813
Shayne Gill
Program Director for Multimodal Transportation
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