​​​​​​2016-2017​ MTAP Steering Committee Members

The purpose of AASHTO's Multi-State Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) is to provide a forum through which state public transportation agencies can network and exchange expertise on state DOT transit administration and grant program management. The program is designed to benefit the state DOTs, as well as their federal counterparts and local transit providers.

Currently, 44 states are members of the MTAP program. MTAP is administered by a ten-member MTAP Steering Committee (MSC). MSC members are elected to three-year terms by the general membership. The MSC directs the work activities of the MTAP Coordinator at AASHTO headquarters. The work activities are outlined in the work plan available below.

David Harris, New Mexico Department of Transportation

Ed Coven, Florida Department of Transportation

Committee Members
Mike Schadauer, Minnesota Department of Transportation​

Debbi Howard, Alaska Department of Transportation

Mark Codey, California Department of Transportation​

Don Chartock, Washington Department of Transportation

Marsha Hoskins, Oregon Department of Transportation​​

Sharon ​Edgar, Michigan Department of Transportation

Shirley Wilson, Mississippi ​Department of Transportation

NCHRP 20-65 Liaison
Sharon Edgar, Michigan Department of Transportation

Vital MTAP Documents and Other Information

Candidate Info - MTAP Steering Committee Elections (2017)

2017 MTAP Work Plan​ (PDF Ver​sion - updated December 2016)

MTAP Operating Procedures (approved June 2012)

SMR Workshop Survey Results (June 2012)

2012 MTAP Technical Assistance Directory (October 2012)

MTAP Steering Committee Conference Calls

Since 1997, the MTAP Steering Committee, formerly called the Project Steering Group (PSG), has conducted monthly conference calls on the second Tuesday of every month to help coordinate its activities, and help focus its work. Through these regular conference calls, a considerable amount of planning is done to support upcoming meetings, periodic topical conference calls, and future correspondence. The Steering Committee is also an open group and we would like to hear input and suggestions from all MTAP Members. Please email Richard Price, Program Specialist, MTAP,​ at rprice@aashto.org​ or David Harris, MTAP Chair at DavidC.Harris@state.nm.us if you have any questions or concerns.