Taskforce Relationship to the AASHTO Organization

The Taskforce has been asked by the Standing Committee on Public Transportation to work with the AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security to provide input on transit security issues to address Objective 1E of the AASHTO Strategic Plan to secure transit funding and to share security information.


  • Coordinate with the Standing Committee on Public Transportation Vice Chair, the AASHTO Security Task Force, and the Multi-State Technical Assistance Program Steering Committee.
  • Actively participate in taskforce activities and serve as a liaison to the MTAP Project Steering Group.
  • Coordinate with AASHTO staff to schedule regular conference calls and organize feedback to FTA products and consultants.
  • Assure that the taskforce is focused on working with FTA, APTA, and CTAA in implementing the terms of the December 2003 Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Ensure that the taskforce has developed clear and appropriate visions and goals that are consistent with AASHTO’s mission and in implementing Board direction and initiatives including the Strategic Plan.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with SCOPT, taskforce members, SCOPT consultants, and AASHTO staff.
  • Fairly and accurately represent the views of the taskforce membership.