​​MTAP Networking & Travel

A portion of annual MTAP dues is set aside for a networking fund. The purpose of the fund is to assist member states with the cost of participating in training, meetings and conferences, providing technical assistance or networking with their peers at other departments of transportation. Through the networking activities, DOTs have the opportunity to learn about possible solutions or innovations that will assist the state agency in its procedures and its work with transportation operators and federal counterparts.

Eligible Uses

Eligible uses for the networking funds by the MTAP members include:

  • send state agency staff to other state agencies to observe a practice or technology first hand;
  • send state agency staff to regional MTAP meetings, national conferences, workshops, and/or training programs;
  • bring other state agency staff in state to give on-site demonstration or assistance to the member state making the request; and
  • bring individuals in state to provide technical assistance to the member state agency.

How to Request Network Funds

All requests must be submitted on-line using the On-line Request Form or via e-mail to rprice@aashto.org. The on-line request form has easy to follow directions.

Once received, AASHTO will respond directly to the requesting individual. 

How to Request a Reimbursement

To request a reimbursement please complete the AASHTO Non-Staff Travel Reimbursement Request Form. Copies of receipts for all expenses must accompany the signed form for AASHTO to process payment.

Non Staff Travel Reimbursement Form.xls

The signed and completed form, along with receipts, can be scanned and returned to Richard Price at rprice@aashto.org, or can be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Richard Price, Program Specialist, MTAP
444 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 249
Washington, DC 20001

Fund Amount

Currently, $2,500 of the $5,000 membership fee can be used to assist with the cost of travel. The funds are available on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year and are made available immediately upon receiving the annual membership fee. To determine your state's networking fund balance please e-mail rprice@aashto.org​.